Gulf of Mexico Basin - Texas and Louisiana Shelf, Northern Gulf of Mexico Morrow Sand Stateline Trend, Colorado and Kansas Morrow Sand Stateline Trend, Colorado and Kansas Basin and Range Province - Nevada and Utah Western Overthrust Belt - Wyoming-Utah-Idaho Western Overthrust Belt - Wyoming-Utah-Idaho Western Overthrust Belt - Wyoming-Utah-Idaho

ONSHORE U.S. – 3 Western Petroleum Provinces – Large regional soil gas surveys are available for sale in the Basin and Range Province, Western Overthrust Belt, and Hugoton Embayment.


Extensive regional soil gas surveys are available for sale in 21 different valleys of the Basin and Range Province of Nevada and Utah consisting of 11,881 sample sites. Typical valleys range from 300-400 square miles and were gridded with about 400-700 soil gas samples. Total area of all the 21 valleys is 11,747 square miles or over 7.5 million acres. Three of the valleys were sampled with additional soil gas sites to provide denser geochemical coverage. Average soil gas sample density is two sites per section.

Available Location Maps Online:

Nevada-Utah coverage map 12,212 sites (pdf format 828 KB)

Diamond Valley, Nevada (589 sites)

Fish Creek Valley, Nevada (533 sites)
Hamlin Valley, Nevada-Utah (696 sites)
Huntington Valley, Nevada (904 sites)
Long Valley, Nevada (504 sites)
Newark Valley, Nevada -1- (877 sites)
Newark Valley, Nevada-2- (771 sites)
Pine Valley, Nevada- 1986 survey (1007 sites)
Pine Valley, Nevada- 1988 survey (965 sites)
Snake Valley, Nevada (1224 sites)
White River Valley, Nevada (471 sites)


An extremely large regional reconnaissance soil gas survey has been conducted over the northern extension of the Western Overthrust Belt of Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho and is available for sale. This surface geochemical survey extends over 5900 square miles and contains data from 5728 four-foot soil gas sites. The survey was also extended over the giant Whitney Canyon-Carter Creek Field and Ryckman Creek Field for calibration purposes. Average soil gas sample density is one site per section.

Western Overthrust Belt, Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Location Map (5,728 sites)


A large detailed regional soil gas survey is available for sale in the prolific Chase Carbonate Gas Trend of the Hugoton Embayment of SW Kansas. The seven-foot soil gas survey covers an area of about 210 square miles and consists of 923 soil gas sites. This regional soil gas survey is located to the west and north of Bradshaw (334 BCFG) and Byerly (47.3 BCFG) Gas Fields. A number of untested soil gas anomalies exist that are on trend with established Chase Carbonate gas production

Chase Carbonate Gas Trend Location Map (923 sites)


A large detailed regional soil gas survey is available for sale in the prolific Morrow Sand Stateline Trend (100 MMBO, 500 BCFG) of Colorado and Kansas. This soil gas survey consists of data from 1832 four-foot soil gas sites over an area of more than 200 square miles. The geochemical survey provides continuous microseep coverage over a north-south distance of 30 miles extending from Arapahoe Field in the north to Moore-Johnson Field in the south. Soil gas sample density varies from 11 to 16 sites per section.

Morrow Sand Stateline Trend Area Location Map (798 sites)
Mojo Jace Area Location Map (1034 sites)

OFFSHORE U.S. Gulf of Mexico Basin - Large regional marine sniffer survey is available for sale on the shelf area of the northern Gulf of Mexico.


An extensive marine "sniffer" geochemical database, acquired by a former major oil company, over the Texas and Louisiana shelf areas of the Gulf of Mexico is now available for sale. This vast geochemical database contains over 191,000 dissolved gas analyses. A detailed evaluation of this database made with respect to discoveries made after the geochemical data was recorded showed that the data was 88 % effective in finding new commercial production. This technology not only has the ability to predict whether a block has hydrocarbon potential, but also whether it is more likely to produce oil or gas, a very important economic factor in the evaluation of offshore blocks.

Sniffer Sampling Locations Map (PDF Format, 3.8 MB)

These regional soil gas geochemical databases in the various petroleum provinces listed above are available for sale, in whole or in part, for prices that are drastically below original acquisition costs. Additional price reductions are given for purchases of large, or whole, data blocks.

Deliverables for the regional geochemical surveys include a soil gas sample location map, database of x and y coordinates for the soil gas sample locations, and analyses tables of light hydrocarbon magnitudes (methane to butanes) by FID analyses and He, and H2, by TCD analyses. For nominal additional costs, an interpretative report can also be prepared.

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