Proprietary Geochemical Studies, Nevada-Utah, 110 KB

All throughout the '80's and early '90's , ETI collected thousands of surface geochemical samples from all over the western US, specifically in the Western Overthrust Belt, Nevada and SE Colorado/SW Kansas (Morrow Trend) areas. Over the last year, ETI has secured sole ownership of these data and can now offer them for late sale at a fraction of today's costs.

These data provide a valuable addition to ongoing exploration activities by giving specific information on the location, distribution and compositions of light hydrocarbon microseepage.

Results are able to map prospective hydrocarbon trends and confirm the presence of petrogenic gases in the vicinity of specific structures of interest.

Our extensive database includes 12,212 surface geochemical samples collected over the Nevada-Utah area.

The compositional data gathered in some areas in separate years (Pine Valley, Newark Valley, Railroad Valley), show excellent reproducibility. To have both spatial and compositional clustering, clearly demonstrates the stability, and repeatability of light soil gas data if properly collected and analyzed.

In Nevada we have regional type survey data from thirteen different valleys, including Pine, Huntington and Railroad Valley. In the Overthrust Belt the coverage includes part of Western Wyoming, SE Idaho and NW Utah. The Morrow area in Kansas was sampled on a regional grid before many of the discoveries were made.

All data sets include analyses of methane to butane light hydrocarbons by FID, He, H2 by TCD.

Nevada coverage map (PDF format 828 KB)

Nevada coverage map, white background, includes townships and ranges, each data set in its own layer, printable version (PDF Format, 4.2 MB)
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Diamond Valley, Nevada (589 sites)
Fish Creek Valley, Nevada (533 sites)
Hamlin Valley, Nevada-Utah (696 sites)
Huntington Valley, Nevada (904 sites)
Long Valley, Nevada (504 sites)
Newark Valley, Nevada -1- (877 sites)
Newark Valley, Nevada-2- (771 sites)
Pine Valley, Nevada- 1986 survey (1007 sites)
Pine Valley, Nevada- 1988 survey (965 sites)
Snake Valley, Nevada (1224 sites)
White River Valley, Nevada (471 sites)