Moore-Johnson (Morrow) Oil Field, Greeley County, Kansas: A Successful Integration of Surface Soil Gas Geochemistry with Geology and Geophysics.
Submitted to AAPG Search and Discovery Electronic Journal Site (PDF Format, 2.3 MB)

How to Design an Exploration Surface Soil Gas Geochemical Survey: Illustrated by Application Examples from the Hugoton Embayment of SE Colorado and SW Kansas

A Retrospective Analysis of a Soil Gas Survey over a Stratigraphic Trap Trend on the Kansas-Colorado Border

Case Study of Development Drilling at Moore-Johnson Field before and after and exploration soil gas survey, Morrow Stateline Trend, Greeley Co., Kansas

Regional Soil Gas Survey, Chase Carbonate Gas Trend, Byerly and Bradshaw Fields, Hugoton Embayment, SW Kansas


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