Jennifer T. Ober, University of Houston, 1995, Civil Engineering Technology, Surveying and Mapping, President.

Jennifer has worked full time at ETI for the past 12 years assisting ETIís Senior Scientists and environmental Project Managers with general project management and overview, creating heath and safety plans for various remediation jobs, preparing and reviewing contracts and environmental reports, ensuring that all environmental and contractual requirements are being adequately met. Jennifer has worked in every department at ETI and has a working knowledge of ETIís environmental assessment and remediation procedures. In her early college years Jennifer worked in ETIís computer drafting department preparing graphical displays for client reports. During these college years she also reduced laboratory data and handled the QA/QC for environmental samples. Immediately following her graduation from college Jennifer worked as a field technician logging core samples from boreholes, collecting water samples from monitor wells and collecting soil gas samples for environmental assessments. Since that time she has taken over the management and control of ETIís office and financial records.

Jennifer currently manages all of ETI's financial and human resources needs. Her responsibilities include payroll, payroll deposits, quarterly reports, accounts payable, accounts receivable, corporate insurance, employee health insurance, managing the 401K plan, acquiring all leases for copiers, faxes, and many other day to day decisions to keep the office running smoothly.

Victor T. Jones, Ph.D., Physics, Texas A&M University, 1969. Exploration Manager

Dr. Jones, an internationally recognized leader in surface geochemical methods, has more than 30 years of experience in research, management, execution and interpretation of geochemical programs pertaining to petroleum and minerals exploration and environmental assessments. He has designed geochemical exploration programs for field operations onshore and offshore throughout the world, and has generated over one hundred (100) proprietary geochemical interpretation reports on the geochemistry of domestic USA and International basins. Dr. Jones has developed new instruments for the measurement of benzene and toluene by second derivation spectroscopy for mud logging, and has extensive experience in the use of mercury as a volatile pathfinder for mineral deposits including silver and gold. Additionally, Dr. Jones has directed over two hundred (200) environmental impact evaluations utilizing geochemical methods.

William T. O'Neal, Jr., B.A., Physics, The Johns Hopkins University, 1985, Senior Programmer

Mr. OíNeal manages all of ETI's soil gas field operations performed at refinery, chemical, product storage terminal and service station facilities. He has been responsible for the reconnaissance, and subsequent planning and execution of ETI's soil gas surveys on all major assessment projects. Mr. OíNeal has been responsible for coordinating all field related activities with government agencies, utility companies, clients and local residents during the course of various surveys. He has, through his experience on numerous and varied project sites, enhanced ETI's soil gas collection techniques in order that representative samples can be obtained in all types of terrain and in various soil and shallow ground water environments. He is experienced in all aspects of environmental site assessment procedures, and exploration surveys.

Mr. OíNeal has over 18 years' experience with progressive responsibility in both geological/geochemical laboratory and field operations within the oil and environmental industries. Mr.OíNeal has extensive foreign experience in all facets of field supervision, i.e., scheduling and maintaining equipment, training and managing crews in both domestic and foreign operations. He is responsible for supervising field operations on a worldwide basis, installing and maintaining equipment, scheduling crews and operations. He also coordinated activities with clients, landowners and government agencies.

Mr. O'Neal's duties at ETI include computer programming, database management, and production of maps and other special GIS graphics. He developed real-time, multi-channel data acquisition software for Exploration Technologies, Inc.'s SeepSearch sniffer system. He was a test tank technician with Tank Check, Inc. and a hydrologic field assistant with the U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Division.

Patrick H. Myers, University of Houston, Laboratory Manager and Network Manager

As Laboratory Manager, Mr. Myers responsibilities include soil gas analyses of petroleum hydrocarbon and halogenated organic constituents utilizing FID and ELCD gas chromatography respectively. Mr. Myers is currently responsible for running the EPA samples, specializing in EPA Method analyses of soil and water samples. He supervises the running of EPA Methods: 8000, 8015, 8020, 160.1, 418.1, 3550, 5000, and 5030 analyses. His responsibilities include ensuring that all analytical procedures are performed in accordance with EPA guidelines, equipment calibrations, reviewing all data, preparing QA/QC reports and coordinating all laboratory personnel. He is also experienced with gas chromatography, atomic absorption (direct aspiration) and total lead extractions.

Mr. Myers is responsible for the analyses of soil gas samples for halogenated constituents, C02 and petroleum hydrocarbon compounds using ELCD, TCD and FID gas chromatography. He is also involved in the detection of heavy hydrocarbons in soil samples using scanning fluorescence spectroscopy and EPA Anguses of soils and waters using EPA Methods 8010, 8020 and 418.1 He is also experienced in developing sample preparation and analysis methods for chlorinated pesticides, PCBs and metals in complicated mixtures.

He has also performed soil gas surveys and collected soil and ground water samples on many work sites, both environmentally and for exploration purposes. Mr. Myers has experience as a Project Manager, responsible for conducting environmental site assessments, and soil gas surveys over large acreage for exploration.

Mr. Myers has 14 years of experience in the design and implementation of network procedures. He has introduced and implemented the use of LINUX, SAMBA, TCP/IP at ETI. He has established and continues to update and maintain Email, Web Servers, internet gateways and database capabilities for ETI. He has developed statistical presentations for reports and integrates data for AutoCAD representation. He is responsible for evaluation, selection and assembly of all computer-related products acquired by ETI. Additionally, he is experienced in all ETI standard geochemical methodology and quality control and assists in project and laboratory management.

Marion H. Jones, B.A. University of Southwestern Louisiana 1964, Vice President/Treasurer

Marion was the co-founder of Exploration Technologies Inc., when the company was founded in 1984 and has served as the Secretary/Treasurer for the corporation for the past twenty years. She has served as the Office Manager for the companies entire 20 year history, handling all of the office and human resources, accounting, insurance and purchasing requirements. During the very early years she served as the Office Manager and secretary for the corporation, later handling accounting and ultimately hiring and training sufficient office, secretarial, drafting and accounting staff required for the company to grow to a total staff of 35 persons within 10 years. Marionís great interpersonal and management skills have been instrumental in propelling the company from a startup position in 1984 to a consistent financial level of approximately one million dollars per year in revenues within the first three years of operations. Revenues over the past 20 years have ranged from approximately one, to as much as 5 million dollars per year.

David F. Becker, Ph.D., Geophysics, Texas A&M University, B.S., Geology, University of Pittsburgh, MBA, University of St. Thomas. Consultant

Dr. Becker spent seven years at Exxon R&D developing new technologies and capabilities in various areas of seismic acquisition and processing. He was a key contributor in the Company's efforts in developing technology to exploit seismic anisotropy, the processing and interpretation of P- and S-wave data, and in developing 3D acquisition, processing and interpretation technologies. He was a co-author on a patent for a down-hole tool designed to measure seismic anisotropy. Dr. Becker then transferred to Exxon Exploration Company and spent seven years in operations and interpretation where he coordinated and played various technical roles in a number of significant integrated exploration projects both onshore and offshore. After leaving Exxon, he became Manager of Advanced Products in Veritas' Exploration Services Division developing high-definition, computer-based collaboration technology. Dr. Becker specializes in the use of advanced geophysical analysis and interpretation techniques, seismic and attribute visualization techniques, and in integrating various exploration technologies. He currently provides geophysical consulting services to Exploration Technologies, Inc.

Reyhan O. Rinaldi (Koshkarly), Ph.D., Geology and Mineralogy, Academy of Science USSR, 1992, Project Manager

Dr. Koshkarly has over 14 years of experience in petroleum geology and laboratory procedures worldwide. As a consultant, she has conducted the research in regional projects on former USSR Oil Gas Provinces, managed and coordinated all kinds of geological work. She has authored more than fifty-eight scientific publications, presentations, monographs and projects. She is system manager for chromatographic data acquisition and is knowledgeable in analytical database management including data generation, retrieval and archival. She is responsible for supervision of geochemistry projects including scheduling, supervision, quality control, and data administration.

Patrick N. Agostino, Ph.D., Geology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1975. Consultant

Dr. Agostino has more than 27 years of experience in the petroleum exploration and environmental industries. Dr. Agostino has directed various baseline environmental studies on oil and gas producing properties, refinery and chemical facilities for the purpose of remediating and/or bringing such sites into compliance with regulatory agencies. As Exploration Manager for large independent oil and gas companies, Dr. Agostino directed exploration activities in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Oklahoma. He has also managed staff professionals, geological/geophysical consultants, and has conducted various regional geological/geochemical studies.

Richard A. Smyrl, Jr., Texas Tech University, B.S. Petroleum Engineering 1971. Consultant

Mr. Smyrl is a Petroleum Engineer with thirty years of operational experience in both drilling and production. He has directed and provided operational support to many international oil companies, including ChevronTexaco, Halliburton, Sonat Turnkey Drilling, Applied Drilling Technology, South Texas Offshore, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. Assen, Holland (Shell Oil Company's Operating Company in Holland) and Keydril (Gulf Oil). He has provided business development, engineering and operational input for the following projects: AGIP's Val d' Agri exploration drilling program in Southern Italy, Conoco's Petrozuata Field Development in Maturin, Venezuela, Petrobras' Bijupira-Selema Deepwater Development in the Campos Basin, Andina's 1998 Exploration Drilling Campaign near Santa Cruz Bolivia, Exxon's Esso-Chad Field Development Project, Ghana National Petroleum's Tano Field Development, Petro Canada's (Grand Bank Alliance) Terra Nova Field Development, Pemex's Bargo Field Development close to Reynosa, Mexico and BRES/Rockwater Subsea Well Intervention Vessel.

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