Subsurface Geochemical Assessment of Methane Gas Occurrences, Playa Vista Development, First Phase Project, Los Angeles, California. Prepared for: LADBS, April 17, 2000

Assessment of Subsurface Hydrocaron Contamination Resulting from Multiple Releases at Six Former Bulk Fuel Storage and Distribution Terminals, Austin, Texas: A Case Study, in Surface Exploration Case Histories: Applications of Geochemistry, Magnetics and Remote Sensing, D. Schumacher and L. LeShack, eds., AAPG Studies in Geology No. 48 and SEG Geophysical References Series No. 11

Forensic Geochemistry: The Key to Accurate Site Characterization

Application of Forensic Geochemical Methods in Assessment of Hydrocarbon Releases

Case Studies of Anaerobic Methane Generation at a Variety of Hydrocarbon Fuel Contaminated Sites

Hydrocarbon Contamination Shallow Surface

Hydrocarbon degradation in groundwater

Environmental Fingerprinting

Assessment of Casing Leaks

Field Screening for BTEX in Soils, Using Ultra-Violet Derivative Spectroscopy

Cross Correlation Between EPA Method BTEX Analysis and an Absorption Derivative Spectroscopic Method


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